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Cleveland Improperly Loaded Truck Accident Lawyer

Injury Or Death From Overweight Trucks Or Poorly Secured Freight

There is a reason the government imposes weight restrictions on tractor-trailers and specifies how cargo should be stacked and tied down. Those federal and state regulations are the direct result of catastrophic truck accidents.

Unfortunately, some truck drivers and trucking companies view theses sensible rules as a hassle and a threat to their pay and profit. A bigger payload and shortcuts in freight loading mean more money. The Cleveland personal injury lawyers at Bashein & Bashein are wise to these practices and has a record of holding those companies accountable for serious injuries or wrongful deaths.

If a trucking company put greed ahead of safety, we have the resources for a thorough investigation. Contact our Cleveland improperly loaded truck accident attorneys for a free consultation about an Ohio 18-wheeler accident.

Cleveland Overloaded Truck Injury Attorneys

Under federal DOT rules, a fully loaded tractor-trailer may not exceed 80,000 pounds. Any additional weight may cause the truck tires to blow or the brakes to fail. Even if the equipment holds up, the extra weight increases the stopping distance and reduces the driver’s ability to steer the rig. In any rear-end crash involving an 18-wheeler, we always suspect an overweight truck.

Cleveland Improperly Loaded Truck Accident Lawyers

Poorly secured cargo has a mind of its own. Freight may shift, causing the truck to jackknife or tip over. Freight vibrates loose and falls off the truck, striking other vehicles or forcing drivers to swerve suddenly and crash. If the truck crashes, loose cargo becomes a battering ram or projectile. And heaven forbid that hazardous materials are not properly sealed and secured.

With the help of accident reconstructionists and other experts, our experienced trial lawyers work to demonstrate how the truck driver, the employer or any third parties involved with loading cargo ignored regulations. Did the trucker illegally bypass a weigh station? Was the freight loaded haphazardly? Did the company use regulation tie-downs and tarps? Did the driver make the required pre-trip inspections?

The Trucking Companies Knew The Rules. So Do We.

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