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Cleveland Truck Driver Fatigue Injury Attorney

Overtired Drivers And Safety Violations In Ohio Truck Accidents

Both the federal government and the state of Ohio strictly regulate big trucks, their drivers and their employers. Those rules govern everything from truckers’ hours to the freight they carry and the maintenance of their rigs.

Bashein & Bashein has a proven track record of holding truck drivers and trucking companies accountable when they skirt the safety rules or when a drowsy trucker falls asleep at the wheel and the end result is injury or death. We handle truck accidents in the Cleveland area, northeast Ohio and statewide.

Proving that safety violations caused or contributed to a crash requires a prompt and sophisticated investigation. Our firm has the knowledge and resources for this mission. Contact us today for a free consultation if your loved one was injured or killed.

Cleveland And Akron Trucker Safety Violation Attorneys

Our experienced lawyers are familiar with the DOT (federal) and ODOT (state) regulations, and we know how to link violations to serious and catastrophic accidents:

  • Driver fatigue — Drowsy truckers are a menace to other drivers when they cross over the center lines into oncoming traffic, rear-end other vehicles, or drift onto the shoulders and hit cars or pedestrians. The DOT limits the number of hours an over-the-road driver can drive in one day and total hours in a week, and dictates specific rest periods between shifts.
    ruckers and their employers are required to keep meticulous logbooks, but these are often falsified. We obtain and compare logbooks, dispatch records, truck stop receipts, GPS and on-board “black box” data and other evidence to prove the negligence of intentional violations.
  • Weight violationsExceeding maximum weight restrictions increases stopping distance and reduces maneuverability.
  • Loading violationsFailure to secure freight properly per DOT specifications can cause jackknife accidents or cause freight to fall onto the roadway.
  • Equipment violationsPoor maintenance compromises the safety of the motoring public, especially deficient tires, brakes or light.
  • Other violations — These include non-licensed drivers, drug or alcohol intoxication, hazardous cargo violations, construction zone violations, or inadequate warning to other drivers when stopped on the berm or roadway.

We Know Tte Rules. We Enforce Your Rights.

Contact our Cleveland truck driver fatigue injury lawyers if you believe a trucker’s careless operation or disregard of regulations led an injury or wrongful death. Call 216-771-3239,or toll- ree 800-771-4457 or e-mail us today to schedule a free consultation.