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What is occupational asthma?

Of all the health risks present in a workplace, exposure to toxic substances is perhaps the most insidious. In many cases, workers cannot even see these substances, making it difficult to protect themselves from exposure. Further, unbeknownst to workers, toxic hazards exist in many industries -- even those that may seem very safe. Following is a partial list of substances that could cause health problems.

  • Wood dust
  • Chemicals in paint, shellac and other materials
  • Plastics
  • Dyes
  • Animal proteins
  • Foods like snow crab or herring
  • Adhesives

Exposure to these toxic hazards can lead to occupational asthma. This condition typically causes shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. Additional symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose and eye irritation can also occur. As with other job-related illnesses, you can receive medical and income replacement benefits through workers' compensation if you suffer from occupational asthma. However, you must first acquire a proper diagnosis.

Ohio motorcycle rider enhancement training

Ohio, like many U.S. states, is taking steps to reduce the growing number of motorcycle accidents. Riders now have the opportunity to protect their lives with the MORE program: Motorcycle Ohio Rider Enhancement.  

Riding a motorcycle is a high-risk sport, particularly for those who do not realize their actions can cause fatal accidents. Ohio follows the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standard to train entry-level motorcycle riders.

Workers' compensation should pay when injured workers overdose

Everyone agrees that workers' compensation is a wonderful program. The sense of security it brings to Ohio workers is superseded only by the actual benefits of the program. Some of these benefits include medical treatment for work injuries, income replacement and access to prescription medication. All of these benefits come at no cost to the injured worker.

Injuries are painful both at the time of the accident and throughout the worker's recovery. Doctors treat pain in many different ways, but prescription pain medication is usually one of the top treatments. Unfortunately, these prescriptions can lead to drug addiction. When left unaddressed, drug addiction can lead to death by overdose.

Premises liability categories and the effects on claims

Facing an injury can come with physical, mental and financial strain. Thankfully, in some cases, there are legal processes in place to aid with such issues.

If you suffer a serious injury while visiting a business or property, you may be able to file a claim for negligence. Before filing, there are a few important things to understand. One key aspect of a premises liability negligence claim is what category you would fall under.

Safety board list targets several bad driving habits

Those injured in motor vehicle accidents already know that some people are bad drivers. An important source of evidence pointing to the dangers of negligent driving comes from the well-respected National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Each year, the NTSB releases its "most wanted" list of driving safety improvements. As you might expect, several of these most wanted improvements focus on unsafe driving behaviors.

More than 37,000 people die each year in motor vehicle accidents. Part of the NTSB's efforts to reduce this number involves letting the public and the government know what needs to be done to decrease vehicle accidents. That is where its most wanted list comes in.

Tips to keep construction sites safe in the winter

When winter comes, people are excited about beautiful snow-covered landscapes, the holiday season beginning and the opportunity to enjoy all their favorite winter treats. Once the holidays past, the excitement fades and the cold sets in.

Winter brings frigid temperatures and massive snowstorms in Ohio, especially during January and February. Construction workers have to keep themselves safe while still baring the freezing weather.

A look at why crane-related construction accidents occur

The construction industry in Cleveland and other Ohio cities is thriving. While this is great for the economy and industry workers, prosperity in any industry often comes with an increase in employee accidents and injuries.

The construction field is no exception and is actually one of the most dangerous industries for its workforce. There are many factors that lead to construction accidents, but this post will look at incidents involving cranes. Raising your awareness about the dangers associated with cranes could help you avoid suffering serious injuries or even death.

The shocking number of backover crash fatalities

Tragic motor vehicle accidents and fatalities occur every day. Most of them happen to vulnerable members of society, such as young children.

The drivers of the vehicles are not always irresponsible, reckless or guilty of substance-impaired driving. They are regular drivers who are victims of a phenomenon many people forget. Vehicles have large blind spots in front and back. Higher and larger vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs, have correspondingly greater blind areas.

When your workers' compensation claim is denied, take action

Most Ohio residents would agree that suffering a workplace injury is quite traumatic. Now imagine learning that your workers' compensation claim has been denied. Experiencing a denial of the benefits you rightfully deserve can make an already troubling situation much worse. Without workers' comp benefits you will have to pay for your own medical care. You will also not receive compensation for any work missed due to your injury.

As you might expect, news of a workers' comp claim denial may increase your stress and cause many other negative emotions to surface. Most injured workers expend a lot of thought on wondering why their claim was denied. Injured workers need the benefits provided by workers' compensation not just to recover from their injury, but also to keep providing for their families during any downtime involved.

How parents can prepare teens for winter driving

With dropping temperatures and more torrential rains, it can be dangerous to drive on Ohio roads during the winter. These conditions create a recipe for disaster. In fact, one report showed Ohio has the highest number of deadly winter car crashes than any other state. 

Parents may be understandably nervous about teenaged kids driving in these conditions. Many young motorists learned to drive this year, and it is natural to worry about them ending up in a car accident. Therefore, it is paramount for parents to take the following actions to increase their kids' safety.