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Damage claim options for a wrongful death case

The loss of a loved one can be hard, especially when with an unexpected loss. When people pass away too soon due to others' negligent acts, it is possible to seek recompense.

wrongful death claim is a common way to accomplish this. In a successful claim, the claimant may request various types of damages. It is important to be familiar with them.

No workers' comp insurance leads to manslaughter charge

If you have ever wondered how workers' compensation insurance benefits employers and employees, a recent news report should clarify things.

The owner of a construction business in Ohio was recently convicted for involuntary manslaughter. The business owner did not kill anyone outright, but one of his employees died in a 2017 construction accident. At that time, the business owner did not have workers' comp insurance.

3 conversations you need to have with your teen driver

If you have a teenager, then chances are good that you have already had plenty of conversations about teen driving. However, it is vital to stress just how careful your teens need to be behind the wheel because they have an increased risk of ending up in a motor vehicle accident

In 2015, roughly 195,000 teenagers sustained injuries in the United States from traffic collisions. This is an increase of 14% from the previous year, and you can see a similar increase between the two years when it comes to teenager fatalities. The truth of the matter is that your teens do not have a lot of experience, so you need to talk with them thoroughly about the dangers of driving at this age.

Workers' compensation benefits for victims of black lung disease

Black lung disease, or pneumoconiosis, sounds like an illness that plagued victims in a long lost era. While it is true that this pulmonary condition is ancient, it is still harming far too many Ohio coal miners.

The nation continues to rely on fossil fuels like coal for many reasons. Examples of its continued industrial use include:

  • Steel production
  • Carbon fiber production
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Electricity generation
  • Paper manufacturing

How are vehicle makers helping to prevent drunk driving crashes?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving remains the top cause of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. The Administration's latest data indicates that approximately 11,000 citizens die each year because of dangerous and impaired driving. Since it is highly unlikely that the nation's population will stop using automobiles, vehicle manufacturers must step up to improve safety.

Several automakers are already working to develop technology that will prevent motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol. Volvo is leading the way as the first manufacturer nearly ready to offer such technology. The company plans to roll out a line of vehicles with cameras and sensors that can detect the following signs of impaired driving.

  • No steering input for lengthy periods of time
  • Drivers with closed eyes and/or motorists who have left the roadway
  • Extremely slow reaction times from drivers
  • Excessive weaving across the roadway's lanes

Essential gear to help you avoid construction accidents

The field of construction provides many Ohio residents with job opportunities. It also helps Cleveland and other cities continue to grow. Unfortunately, the industry also poses a significant risk of serious construction accidents such as falling from heights or suffering electrocution.

Workers' compensation exists to provide injured workers with financial and medical benefits, but prevention remains the best way to avoid an injury. Proper training is an effective way to reduce construction accidents, as is having access to safety gear.

Coming soon to your vehicle—the newest safety technology

No one wants to be in a car accident, even a minor fender-bender. This is the fuel that drives innovators to continue developing vehicle safety features.

Here are seven safety features available now, and two more you can expect to find standard on vehicles within the next few years.

Changes may be coming to Ohio workers' compensation law

According to a report, about 117,000 members of the Ohio workforce suffered an injury or illness in 2017 due to workplace hazards. This level of occupational injury highlights how necessary the state's workers' compensation program is to employees. Workers rely on these benefits to fill the gap when an illness or injury takes them away from their jobs.

Ohio offers many job opportunities to people from other nations. Under the current workers' compensation law, all workers are eligible for injury and illness benefits regardless of their citizenship status in the country. A new proposal may make it illegal for undocumented workers to acquire compensation if they are not willing to declare their status when filing.

Has bicyclist safety improved on Cleveland roadways?

Choosing to bike or to walk in lieu of driving has become popular in Ohio cities, including Cleveland. Many people choose this form of transportation because it promotes better health and saves money on fuel expenses. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians often result in serious or catastrophic harm.

Regarding cycle safety on roadways, there is much discussion about how walkers and bikers can avoid these motor vehicle accidents. However, let us not forget that motorists can do their part to prevent accidents as well. Getting these drivers to take safety seriously is the difficult part.

5 dangerous intersections in Cuyahoga County

Cleveland’s roadways seem crowded these days. As motorists commute to work and other places, they must navigate an intricate maze of highways, roads, streets and bridges. Unfortunately, though, some intersections in Cuyahoga County are more dangerous than others. 

Few things can stop you in your tracks faster than a motor vehicle accident. After all, you may sustain serious bodily injury and costly property damage in an automobile crash. To minimize your chances of a collision, you must exercise caution when you drive on dangerous roadways. According to the Ohio State Patrol, the following intersections are some of the riskiest for drivers in Cuyahoga County: