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Has bicyclist safety improved on Cleveland roadways?

Choosing to bike or to walk in lieu of driving has become popular in Ohio cities, including Cleveland. Many people choose this form of transportation because it promotes better health and saves money on fuel expenses. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians often result in serious or catastrophic harm.

Regarding cycle safety on roadways, there is much discussion about how walkers and bikers can avoid these motor vehicle accidents. However, let us not forget that motorists can do their part to prevent accidents as well. Getting these drivers to take safety seriously is the difficult part.

5 dangerous intersections in Cuyahoga County

Cleveland’s roadways seem crowded these days. As motorists commute to work and other places, they must navigate an intricate maze of highways, roads, streets and bridges. Unfortunately, though, some intersections in Cuyahoga County are more dangerous than others. 

Few things can stop you in your tracks faster than a motor vehicle accident. After all, you may sustain serious bodily injury and costly property damage in an automobile crash. To minimize your chances of a collision, you must exercise caution when you drive on dangerous roadways. According to the Ohio State Patrol, the following intersections are some of the riskiest for drivers in Cuyahoga County: 

Learn about the heat stroke risks for construction workers

People who work in and around Cleveland know that the summer months bring a lot of heat and humidity to the area. Those who work outdoors, including construction workers, are highly susceptible to heat illnesses ranging from sunburn to heat stroke.

Like construction accidents that result in damage to the body, work-related heat illnesses are covered by workers' compensation. However, avoiding these conditions altogether is the best way to assure your continued health. Heat stroke is by far the most dangerous illness caused by overexposure to hot environments. If left unaddressed, heat stroke can damage your organs and may even lead to death. Its symptoms include:

  • Hot and red skin that is either damp or dry
  • Excessive sweating (in some cases)
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Fast and strong pulse
  • Headache and/or nausea
  • Extremely high body temperature
  • Loss of consciousness

Car crash spine injuries are more common than you may think

Vehicle occupants are at risk for injuries in a car crash, and safety innovations are often aimed toward providing improved protection for the head and chest.

Ironically, seat belts and airbags meant to safeguard these areas of the body can transfer the force of an impact on your spine. Here are four spine-related injuries that are common even in low-impact crashes.

Dishonest employers and your right to workers' compensation

As you no doubt are aware, working for a living can sometimes be hazardous to your health and well-being. From workplace accidents to dangerous chemical exposure, nearly all work opportunities come with at least some amount of risk. The workers' compensation program exists to protect employees against the financial hardships that accompany a work injury or illness. Some of these benefits include:

  • Paying for all medical expenses related to the work injury or illness
  • Paying for treatments designed to help workers heal, such as physical or vocational therapy
  • Replacing a portion of any wages lost because of the work-related illness or injury

It is safe to assume that employees feel secure knowing that workers' compensation will help in the wake of an accident. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous employers try to prevent injured workers from accessing the benefits they are due. The reason for such dishonorable practices revolves around the company's bottom line.

Ohio workers' compensation and total temporary disability

Workplace accidents typically result in only minor injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes these incidents leave a worker suffering from total disability. In some cases, the disability may be permanent, but in many others, injured workers will recover enough to return to work.

While total temporary disability is unfortunate, at least you still have a chance to make a full or partial recovery. During the time that you are disabled, workers' compensation is there to help you pay your bills, replace your income and cover all of the medical expenses related to your injury. Filing for these benefits is the first step, but many times, these claims result in denial.

A look at motor vehicle accidents occurring at Ohio intersections

When people think about motor vehicle accidents of any kind, they typically envision a highway pileup or a collision on a dark rural roadway. It is true that accidents occur in these areas frequently, but they are not the only locations where crashes occur. Intersections are also a prime location for dangerous motor vehicle accidents.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, half of all motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections. While many of these crashes occur in cities like Cleveland, they also occur at intersections on rural roads as well. Engineers who help design roadways call intersections "planned point of conflict" because they contain many vehicles and pedestrians coming and going in different directions.

How to choose the right motorcycle helmet

Few things are more exhilarating than leaving your everyday life behind to explore Ohio on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, though, motorcycle riders have an increased chance of sustaining a serious injury or dying in a motorcycle crash. 

Ohio law does not require most riders to wear motorcycle helmets. Nonetheless, recovering from an injury you sustained in a motorcycle accident can be both painful and expensive. A good motorcycle helmet helps to reduce your chances of a brain injury. Here are four ways to choose the right motorcycle helmet: 

What kind of chemical hazards threaten Ohio construction workers?

When you think about construction accidents, you probably picture falling or involvement in an equipment accident. While these hazards often lead to severe injuries or death, they represent only a few of the dangers Cleveland construction workers face every day. An often-overlooked threat to the health and well-being of construction workers involves exposure to toxic chemicals. Below you will find a list of toxic hazards present in the construction industry.