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Drowsiness negatively affects driving skills

The government tracks drunk driving statistics every year, but studies show that drowsy driving may be just as dangerous. It may also be just as prevalent, although much of the research depends on drivers' willingness to admit to the behavior because law enforcement may not be able to identify someone's level of fatigue after a crash.

Here are some facts that studies have revealed about drowsy driving, impairment and crash risks:

Ohio woman killed in 3-vehicle crash

Anyone who has taken a long drive across the Buckeye State can attest that the straightaways can lead to some serious highway hypnosis. But drivers should always keep an eye out for unexpected obstacles, like stopped cars and motorcycles because collisions can lead to some serious consequences.

An Ohio woman is dead after a multiple-vehicle wreck in Middletown. She was driving her car across an intersection when she was apparently struck by a box truck traveling on the other road. The collision then forced her vehicle into the path of a tractor-trailer.

Workers' compensation claim led to criminal charges

When people are hurt on the job in Ohio, they have a lot of options to help them recover from it. Minor injuries may require a trip to the doctor, and many employers offer a health insurance option that may pay or defray the cost for medical care. But serious injuries that are related to work may be covered by workers' compensation claims.

There are also options for covering time lost during recovery, during which a person may not be able to work. This is similar to disability payments and, like them, claims rely on physicians or related professionals certifying the fact that a worker cannot do what they usually do because of an injury.

Workers and other motorists should recognize construction signs

Before a Cleveland construction team can begin the important tasks of repairing damaged roads or building new ones, employees must prep the worksite. This means bringing in equipment and tools and work vehicles. It also means setting up signs and other markers to let motorists know that work is underway.

Proper sign placement alerts both workers and civilian motorists to the presence of ongoing construction. When these markers are well-placed and visible, they can reduce the amount and even the severity of construction accidents involving private vehicles.

What kinds of distractions can result in motor vehicle accidents?

When you think about distracted driving, chances are you envision someone texting behind the wheel. It is certainly true that cell phone use is a prime cause of motor vehicle accidents, but other types of distractions also play a huge role in the number of crashes across the country.

Even little things that everyone assumes are safe can lead to distraction. For example, a simple conversation with a passenger can take your mind and your eyes away from the road long enough to cause a crash. Other dangerous driver distractions include the following.

  • Taking or making phone calls
  • Trying to eat while driving
  • Driving with a pet on your lap or in your arms
  • Smoking behind the wheel
  • Adjusting the radio or climate controls
  • Singing or trying to dance while driving
  • Looking at Global Positioning System GPS devices

Brain injuries—more common in car crashes than in sports

No doubt you have seen a football player helped off the field after a blow to his head. The diagnosis is usually a concussion, a mild traumatic brain injury that seems all too common in sports.

However, did you know that motor vehicle crashes and falls are the most frequent causes of TBI? Would you recognize this kind of injury if it happened to you?

An overview of the Ohio workers' compensation program

Those who have worked for any length of time already know that workers' compensation provides financial benefits after a work injury. The existence of the program gives Ohio workers comfort because they know that help is available in the wake of an on-the-job injury. However, knowing about workers' compensation is not the same as understanding how it works.

For example, benefits do not automatically kick in after an injury. You must first make a formal injury report with your employer and then file an official claim before you begin receiving your benefits. Because some injury symptoms do not manifest right away, you have two years from the date of your injury to file your claim.

What if both drivers share the blame in a motor vehicle accident?

Most of the time, driving safely and abiding by traffic laws can prevent motor vehicle accidents. Other times, even seemingly safe driving habits cannot prevent crashes. Still other times, both motorists may share responsibility for a wreck, although one of them may not realize that they have played a role in the collision. Take a look at the following example of shared accident responsibility.

You are approaching an intersection and apply your brakes. The motorist behind you is driving too fast and crashes into the back of your car, leaving you with severe neck and back injuries. An accident investigation reveals that the other driver was intoxicated and driving over the speed limit when the accident occurred. However, it also reveals that your brake lights did not function at the time of the crash and the other driver did not realize you were stopping.

Ohio construction worker killed in hit-and-run accident

Most who work in the construction industry understand that it can be a dangerous line of employment. However, few of these workers expect to suffer injury or death from a private motorist. Unfortunately, these kinds of construction accidents injure and kill many Ohio workers employed in this industry each year.

A recent incident occurring in Brook Park, a suburb of Cleveland, led to the death of a 61-year-old construction worker. An additional worker suffered injuries in the vehicle-related construction accident.

Dwarf benefits can supplement disability and workers' comp

In truth, it is not dwarf benefits; it is DWRF benefits and it can make all the difference for Ohio workers brought down by a workplace injury. An acronym for Disabled Workers' Relief Fund, DWRF can supplement your workers' compensation benefits if an on-the-job injury results in a permanent disability. It can also supplement Social Security Disability (SSD) payments as well.

We have found that many victims of a work-related permanent disability have no idea that a program like DWRF exists. This is probably because these benefits begin automatically, as long as you qualify for them financially. You will not need to apply for them as you do when seeking workers' compensation. A representative will review your disability claim and if you meet the qualifications, you will receive a notification that you are eligible for DWRF.