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Ohio community comes together to support car accident victims

When a driver makes a mistake, he or she can occasionally keep it under wraps. If it was just a scratch on a paint job or a dent in a fender, the consequences are small if there are any at all. But serious collisions with other vehicles can affect far more than a driver's own experience.

A community is helping a pair of teenagers fight to recover after their car was struck by another vehicle. A sophomore from a Trenton area high school was driving with a junior from the same school when their car collided with another, sending both girls to the hospital with serious injuries.

How can an injured worker get help filing a compensation claim?

It's not easy to get over a workplace injury. This is often true when an injury is severe enough to really change your life. But sometimes, injuries stop workers from doing their jobs as they had in the past. Fortunately, it is easy to make a claim for the workers' compensation payments they need to recover.

  • What could go wrong after filing?

In some cases, it is not as easy to get the money for medical treatments and any other costs related to getting hurt or sick on the job. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation may reject a claim or require further medical information.

  • Who can file a claim?

Warmer weather, more motorcycles and possibly more injuries

Some motorcycle riders are out and about all year long, but with the advent of warmer weather, motorists will see more Harleys and Yamahas on the road.

Car crashes are common enough in Ohio, and although serious injuries can result, a car-motorcycle collision can cause even more devastating injuries to the rider.

More funding for infrastructure means more construction in Ohio

This year brought a boon to infrastructure building projects in Ohio. As roads have to bear more trade coming from and going through the Buckeye State, the government in Columbus made moves to increase the funding needed to keep cars and trucks moving.

"As Ohio's economy continues to grow, we must be able to address the demands put on our roads and bridges," said the director of the state's Department of Transportation.

2 Dayton women killed in recent collision

With the possible exception in some major cities, Ohioans tend move around by car. Owning or leasing a motor vehicle is often a source of pride for people, and the memory of passing a driver's test can be one of the most significant in a lifetime. But no one wants a life to end because of a car wreck.

Fatal car crashes are rare, but they are still an everyday reality across the Buckeye State and most other parts of the country. The results of collisions often depend on people's reactions to other drivers, although alcohol or exhaustion can also be factors.

Workers' compensation fund continue to grow in Ohio

Workers deserve the best possible protection when they are on the job, especially when their employment is potentially hazardous like construction or emergency services. But if employers had to be prepared to pay medical expenses on their own, few small- or medium-sized businesses would survive an accident or two.

This is why state governments like the one in Columbus provide workers' compensation plans to help people who have been injured or sickened at work. They also manage the finances for funds that often end up being huge pools of reserve money for potential hospitalizations, operations, medications and other elements of a safe recovery.

Man killed in Licking County construction accident

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, along with fishing in the open ocean and providing emergency services. This is why many protections required by federal and Ohio law on all construction sites to help ensure that workers are exposed to fewer risks.

After a workplace accident, there are many sources of assistance for injured employees or the survivors of those killed on the job. Workers' compensation benefits are a start, especially if medical expenses must be covered immediately. A lawsuit for financial damages in civil court may be a possibility in some circumstances as well.

Post-car-crash symptoms may not be enough to identify SCI

While many of the symptoms of a spinal cord injury, or SCI, are obvious, your body can mask certain red flags after a traumatic incident such as a vehicle crash.

Even a minor collision may be enough to injure to your spine, and that could result in SCI, so a prompt medical diagnosis is essential.

Pair of accidents injure 3 people in Ohio

People manage risk all the time by investing in their future and staying away from unnecessary hazards. One of the most dangerous things that most of us do every day is get on the roads, where anything can happen. If there is a collision that results in damage or injury, a lawsuit for financial damages may be your best option to get past it.

Three people were seriously hurt after a collision on a southbound stretch of Interstate 71 in Cuyahoga County. It appears that two vehicles were involved in an earlier accident that caused unclear damages because a second collision pushed one of their two cars into them.

Ohio considering PTSD as a work injury for compensation

Pain and injury on the job is one of the most terrifying situations that a lot of workers could face. Many government regulations, including all of the ones enforced by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and several individual procedures used by companies are there simply to keep workers safe and stop them worrying about their safety.

The last year or two has seen a revolution in thinking about workplace injuries or at least who can pay to help people recover from them. Ohio is one of several states considering the inclusion of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related mental issues as conditions that could be covered by workers' compensation payments.