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3 tips for driving safer on Ohio roads

Ohio has made significant progress in recent years when it comes to traffic and road safety. Despite the gains in safety, however, motor vehicle crashes are still an all-too-frequent reality on Ohio freeways and rural roads. 

There are a few things you can do to improve your safety on Ohio roadways and reduce your chances of suffering a serious injury in an accident.

Not all car-pedestrian crashes appear on police reports

Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gather statistics about injuries and fatalities resulting from car-pedestrian collisions. However, researchers have to go to various sources for details because some of this information does not show up in police reports.

The risks of walking

More Ohio accidents happen on local roads

When it comes to motor vehicle crashes, many people assume that most accidents happen on major freeways. It is a logical conclusion, given the high volume of traffic and heavy vehicles that move each day through Ohio on these highways. 

However, the truth is that more accidents take place on local roads than on big highways. That is why road safety is just as important in rural areas as it is in big cities. Here is some information about road safety and avoiding injury behind the wheel:

5 causes of fatal car accidents

Thousands of individuals get hurt and die in car crashes every year. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that 37,461 people died in traffic collisions in 2016. This is the highest number of car accident fatalities since 2007. The fact that there are so many fatal accidents is sad and disturbing. 

But what exactly is causing all these deadly wrecks? Here are some of the top reasons that people die in motor vehicle crashes:

Become a good investigator following a car crash

There is a reasonable chance that you will be involved in a vehicle accident at some point in your life. Rear-end collisions, for example, are among the most common traffic accidents in our country.

If you appear to be unhurt and are feeling all right, practice your sleuthing skills by gathering information about the accident.

Car accidents: SUV rollover sends 3 injured victims to hospital

As expected, Ohio highways were extremely busy over the Memorial Day weekend. Multiple car accidents happened across the state, many of which caused severe injuries. Some were fatal. Three injured victims were rushed to hospitals after a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 76.

Common construction workers' accidents are preventable

Construction sites in Ohio are dangerous places. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the top four causes of construction workers' accidents are preventable. They are caused by falls, struck-by hazards, caught-in or between accidents and electrocutions.

How can wrong-way car accidents be avoided?

The National Transportation Safety Board says an average of 360 people nationwide lose their lives in collisions that are caused by wrong-way drivers every year. Head-on collisions are likely the most feared type of car accidents in Ohio because they are so likely to cause death or catastrophic injuries. Keeping certain precautions in mind might help someone who encounters a wrong-way driver.