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The shocking number of backover crash fatalities

Tragic motor vehicle accidents and fatalities occur every day. Most of them happen to vulnerable members of society, such as young children.

The drivers of the vehicles are not always irresponsible, reckless or guilty of substance-impaired driving. They are regular drivers who are victims of a phenomenon many people forget. Vehicles have large blind spots in front and back. Higher and larger vehicles, such as trucks or SUVs, have correspondingly greater blind areas.

When your workers' compensation claim is denied, take action

Most Ohio residents would agree that suffering a workplace injury is quite traumatic. Now imagine learning that your workers' compensation claim has been denied. Experiencing a denial of the benefits you rightfully deserve can make an already troubling situation much worse. Without workers' comp benefits you will have to pay for your own medical care. You will also not receive compensation for any work missed due to your injury.

As you might expect, news of a workers' comp claim denial may increase your stress and cause many other negative emotions to surface. Most injured workers expend a lot of thought on wondering why their claim was denied. Injured workers need the benefits provided by workers' compensation not just to recover from their injury, but also to keep providing for their families during any downtime involved.

How parents can prepare teens for winter driving

With dropping temperatures and more torrential rains, it can be dangerous to drive on Ohio roads during the winter. These conditions create a recipe for disaster. In fact, one report showed Ohio has the highest number of deadly winter car crashes than any other state. 

Parents may be understandably nervous about teenaged kids driving in these conditions. Many young motorists learned to drive this year, and it is natural to worry about them ending up in a car accident. Therefore, it is paramount for parents to take the following actions to increase their kids' safety.

Many teens drive tired and it's a recipe for disaster

America's teens are busier than ever before. With limited after-school hours for homework, extracurricular activities and the enticement of fun and friends, most teens do not get enough sleep.

This leads to young, inexperienced drivers who are also sleepy. A dangerous mix.

Cleveland driving among top 3 in nation

Every time you drive on a local main street or interstate freeway, you take a risk as you share the road with others. Not all drivers are safe, cautious, or even fully able to respond to the situation on the road. Impaired drivers can cause serious crashes and injuries.

Some cities have better driving experiences than others, however, and Cleveland ranks among the top cities in the nation for its drivers. Several factors led to this conclusion in a survey by a GPS navigation software.

How Will Ohio's New Distracted Driving Law Keep the Roads Safer?

Distracted driving is a growing contributing factor to motor vehicle accidents nationwide. Multitasking behind the wheel using a cellphone has proven time and time again to vastly impair a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle. In fact, distracted driving was blamed in approximately 13,976 traffic accidents that occurred on Ohio roads in 2017. Out of those accidents, the Ohio State Patrol reported that 52 of them were fatalities.

A new law going into effect Oct. 29, 2018, aims to curb the desire to pick up the phone while driving. The governor signed a bill in August that made distracted driving a secondary offense. While it's true that texting-while-driving has been a secondary offense since 2012, the new law steps up the infraction to include all hands-on cellphone use. The prior law was also enacted to make texting-while-driving laws uniform across the state. Prior to that, individual municipalities had varying degrees of texting bans, making it confusing to motorists traveling from one district to another to know when and where the practice banned.

3 dangers to watch out for when riding your motorcycle

You share the road with motorcyclists in Cleveland every day when you are driving in your car. If you are thinking about parking your car to ride your motorcycle to experience a bit of freedom and excitement, you may want to brush up on some safety tips first.

Motorcycles may be a cool alternative to regular automobiles, but they are not as safe. For instance, they do not offer as much protection as most motor vehicles, and the stakes are much higher in accidents. Besides the risk of falls, motorcyclists are in danger of sustaining serious and life-threatening injuries in motorcycle accidents. You should always wear proper safety gear and follow all traffic laws and courtesies. Here are a few hazards that motorcyclists encounter every day on the roads that you should keep watch for:

What happens when a defective product causes injuries?

When you purchase a product, you expect that the manufacturer has met all the health and safety standards governing the building and selling of the product. The government regulates manufacturers to protect public safety.

However, sometimes products make it to the public with defects, and in some cases, these defects are severe enough to cause personal injury or even death. What happens when the public discovers that a faulty product is dangerous?

TBI numbers among possible car crash injuries

Traumatic brain injury may happen due to accidents involving an impact to the head, such as a car crash, a fall or a blow from a falling object. If a car accident happens while you are traveling at a high speed, the impact of the abrupt stop can also cause TBI, even if you do not suffer an obvious head wound.

After a crash, first responders arrive on the scene and transport injured persons to the emergency room, if necessary. Many instances of TBI fly under the radar during this initial period, so it is important to watch for symptoms and get a full check-up later.

Keep everyone in the vehicle safer in a rollover crash

Rollover accidents do not happen often, but according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, they are the cause of almost 30 percent of the fatalities among people who are riders in passenger vehicles.

While it is true that a rollover can result in devastating injuries or death, there are measures you can take to avoid fatalities from this kind of crash.