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Traumatic amputations can lead to major life changes

A person who gets involved in a car wreck can suffer from serious injuries. One injury that’s possible is a traumatic amputation. This means that a part of the body that is severed from the rest of the body. There are several things that can impact whether the severed part will be able to be reattached….

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What are the different types of brain injuries?

The impact of a car wreck can lead to many serious injuries. For some, a brain injury is a severe injury that can result in life-long problems for its victim.  There are different types of brain injuries that might happen when you’re involved in a crash. These can all have different impacts on you, so you…

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How do you show negligence in a wrongful death claim?

The actions of one person can impact many others, especially when someone is negligent. Failing to think about safety and the consequences of one’s actions can lead to a tragic outcome. People who engage in unsafe behaviors, like racing on public roads, can potentially cause the death of someone else. Ohio has a law…

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Cognitive difficulties a consequence of traumatic brain injuries

Many people know that there are specific problems that can come after a traumatic brain injury. One of the most difficult aspects of this type of injury is dealing with the cognitive effects. These can change every aspect of your life, including your career and your personal life. For some people who have a…

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Ohio wrongful death lawsuits and survival actions: What’s the difference?

A wrongful death is any death that could have been prevented by a little more care or better precautions. When a loved one dies a wrongful death but there’s no actual crime involved, it can leave the victim’s survivors feeling a lot of frustration and anger on top of their grief. Ohio law actually…

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Did an automotive defect contribute to your TBI?

There could be more than one reason that your vehicle crashed. Many times, a collision is the fault of another driver. Sometimes an accident can be caused by bad weather or poor road conditions. Automotive defects also contribute to car crashes, and serious medical issues can involve head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. TBIs…

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