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Did an automotive defect contribute to your TBI?

There could be more than one reason that your vehicle crashed. Many times, a collision is the fault of another driver. Sometimes an accident can be caused by bad weather or poor road conditions.

Automotive defects also contribute to car crashes, and serious medical issues can involve head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries.

TBIs Are Common

The force of the impact can cause your head to come to a swift stop, but your brain will continue its forward movement. The result is a collision with the inside of your skull, which can cause the brain to bleed or become bruised.

Crashworthiness Testing

Automobile manufacturers use different criteria to determine how a vehicle’s structure holds up under extreme circumstances, such as a serious car crash. The ability of the structure to protect occupants is referred to as “crashworthiness.” Although a crash is not an everyday happening in the life of a single vehicle, automobile designers and manufacturers must take the possibility into consideration and treat it as an event that might reasonably occur.

A Wide Range

Automotive testing is extensive because a defect could cause injury or death. In a rollover incident, for example, will the roof of your SUV become crushed? Will an investigator determine that a defective seat belt was partially responsible for the blunt trauma you experienced when your head hit the windshield? You could have a faulty airbag or a defective tire. Even if you are accustomed to taking good care of your car, trouble could be just around the corner.

Medical Care

A traumatic brain injury can be a life-changing issue. If you are in a car crash, even an incident as minor as a rear-end collision, seek medical care promptly, regardless of how well you feel. The symptoms of a head injury, even one as serious as TBI, might not be apparent at the time of the crash. Meanwhile, a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident will commence, including the role that an automotive defect might have played.