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What are the different types of brain injuries?

The impact of a car wreck can lead to many serious injuries. For some, a brain injury is a severe injury that can result in life-long problems for its victim. 

There are different types of brain injuries that might happen when you’re involved in a crash. These can all have different impacts on you, so you must understand a few points about it. 

2 primary types of brain injuries

There are two primary types of brain injuries that might occur. These are determined by what causes the damage. A penetrating brain injury means that something went through the skin and the skull. A closed brain injury does not involve anything penetrating the brain but instead trauma. Most brain injuries that occur in car crashes are closed. 

How is the brain injured in closed injuries?

The brain is a sensitive organ. The impact of the car wreck may cause it to slam against the skull. This can lead to bruising, but it might also cause damage to the blood vessels and other tissues in the brain. The damage to the brain is sometimes localized in one area. However, the head’s back and forth motion during a crash could lead to damage on the opposite side of the brain.

Anyone who suffers an injury in a car wreck should ensure they get the medical care they need. State law enables victims of crashes caused by negligence to seek compensation for the financial damages they’re dealing with. This includes lost wages, the cost of medical care, and other expenses tied to the wreck. There are specific time limits that apply to these cases, so get the case filed as quickly as you can.