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Three Questions About Mesothelioma

What is malignant mesothelioma?

Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive form of lung cancer that takes years or even decades to become symptomatic. It is caused by asbestos, which victims are usually exposed to in the workplace. Individuals typically do not learn they have the disease for 30 years or more. By the time the disease shows itself, it is usually quite aggressive. There is no reliable cure or treatment for mesothelioma. It is metastatic and often spreads to the lymph nodes and other bodily systems. The typical prognosis is quite poor.

How do you get it?

Asbestos enters the body by breathing it in. Though it is rarely used today, a generation ago it was common in many manufacturing and industrial processes; industries that used asbestos include the manufacturers of ships, homes, mobile homes, vehicles, piping and some kinds of cement. If you did factory work prior to the 1970s, you may be at risk for mesothelioma.

What can I do?

From a legal standpoint, you should want to file a claim for compensation for you injury. Industries targeted for asbestos claims have set aside billions of dollars to improve the financial outlook of families struck down by mesothelioma. Your claim might lead to a trial, but matters are often resolved quicker and with less anxiety in a negotiated settlement. Bashein & Bashein Company, L.P.A., has years of experience in both trial and negotiated situations.

Answers For Mesothelioma Victims In Cleveland, Ohio

You are likely to have many questions about what you can do to shore up your family financially at this time. Our lawyers are happy to meet with you to discuss the best options for your particular situation. Or ask an attorney your question using this email form.