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Asbestos Continues To Bedevil Families Of Workers

We continue to see clients suffering from asbestos exposure on the job. It is heartbreaking because the exposure generally took place years ago, working at a different job. Now, people suddenly discover that decades-old exposure threatens the financial security of the family.

Unfortunately, the Cleveland, Ohio, area is a hot spot for asbestos exposure. Cases continue to arise from a variety of heavy industries: manufacturers, metal works, shipbuilders, power plants and chemical plants. Often these businesses have gone belly up or moved away. Getting rightful compensation requires diligence and detective work.

Kinds Of Asbestos-Related Diseases

  • Asbestosis — scarring of the actual lung tissue, often leading to lung cancer
  • Lung cancer — cancer that forms in the lung tissue, usually in the cells lining the air passages
  • Pleural plaque — asbestos causes thickening and hardening of the tissue around the lungs and diaphragm
  • Pleural effusion — a build-up of fluid in the pleural space
  • Mesothelioma — cancer of the pleura

You are aware of the seriousness of all asbestos diseases. There is not a medicine you can take, or a surgical procedure you can have to restore you to full function.

One thing you can do is file a claim against the business that was responsible for the contamination. Billions of dollars are available to asbestos victims, but they must present conclusive evidence that negligence on the part of the business played a role.

The attorneys at Bashein & Bashein Company, L.P.A., are experienced in these challenging suits. Call us at 216-771-3239 to discuss the merits of your case.

We want to be helpful. Let our lawyers show you how we obtain maximum compensation for the people who love you.