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Cleveland Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Collisions Involving Commercial Vehicles

Delivery drivers on tight schedules are motivated to cut corners to make their deliveries on time. Or, after driving a truck all day, they may not be as alert or safety-conscious as they need to be. The rest of us pay the price because a big truck always “wins” in a collision with a smaller vehicle.

If you suffered serious injury in a crash involving a commercial vehicle, Bashein & Bashein stands ready to fight for your compensation. We have the resources to contradict the driver’s version of events and prove what really happened.

Commercial vehicles are well-insured, but their owners are well-defended. You need experienced representation, too. Our Cleveland law firm has handled truck and van accidents across northeast Ohio. Contact us for a free consultation.

Cleveland Commercial Vehicle Crash Attorneys

Commercial drivers may try to deflect blame because their livelihood depends on a clean driving record. We have the ability to hire professional truck accident investigators when fault is disputed. Our commercial vehicle injury and wrongful death cases cover the spectrum, from highway and city street collisions to parking lot crashes, loading dock accidents and pedestrian knockdowns:

  • Package delivery trucks
  • Box trucks and moving vans
  • Dump trucks and cement mixers
  • Cranes and heavy equipment
  • Tractor-trailers and flatbed semis
  • Utility trucks, garbage trucks and tow trucks
  • Take-out food and pizza delivery vehicles
  • Falling freight from commercial trucks

We can obtain the driver’s history and qualifications, the company’s logbooks, dispatch records and maintenance records, GPS and “black box” data from the truck, and other evidence that will show the driver was hurrying, breaking traffic laws or otherwise

Back-Up Accidents

Many commercial vehicles are equipped with beeping back-up alarms. If the warning bell was not functioning, was intentionally disconnected or was never installed but should have been because of frequent backing up, we will press that point when making the case for your damages.

Cleveland Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers

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