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Drivers Distracted By Cellphones Or Texting While Driving

The problem with drivers who have to be “connected” at all times is that they are disconnected from the task of operating a motor vehicle. Cellphone use while driving — especially text messaging — greatly increases the risk of a traffic accident. If you paid the price when a cellphone user caused your injury crash, Bashein & Bashein can help you hold that driver accountable for your compensation.

Our Cleveland personal injury law firm has a proven track record with car accidents involving distracted drivers. Whatever the circumstances of your crash, we keep the focus on the negligence of the person who sacrificed your safety for a text message or chitchat.

Experience matters, especially when your monetary compensation hinges on proving that the other driver was at fault. Our trial lawyers have handled thousands of auto accidents in northeast Ohio. Contact us today for a free consultation with Cleveland cellphone accident lawyers.

Cleveland Texting While Driving Injury Attorneys

A growing number of studies show the dangers of talking, texting, e-mailing or using the internet on a cell-phone, BlackBerry, Droid, iPhone, GPS or any handheld device while driving:

  • Texting while driving increases reaction time and braking distance as much as a driver who is legally drunk.
  • A driver sending or receiving a text message looks away from the road for four to six seconds at a time — the length of a football field at freeway speed.
  • Talking on a cellphone while driving quadruples the likelihood of a crash.
  • Even talking on a hands-free cellphone reduces the driver’s spatial awareness by one-third.

Bashein & Bashein can subpoena the driver’s phone records if necessary, or bring in accident reconstruction or human factors experts who can prove that the distraction of a cellphone caused the crash or contributed to greater injuries.

Once liability is established, our experienced attorneys work closely with clients to detail the damages from your car accident, including medical care, lost wages, lasting disability, pain and suffering, and property damage.

This Was Not An Accident; It Was Negligence

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