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Most Dangerous Roads In Ohio

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Northeast Ohio is both a commercial hub and a major cross-county transportation corridor. The heavy truck traffic alone poses a substantial threat to other drivers. When you add traffic congestion, road construction, winter hazards and bad highway design, it’s a recipe for accidents.

Despite these dangers, when a crash occurs there is usually human error at the root. Whether it’s a commercial driver in a hurry, an inattentive commuter or a teenager texting while driving, Bashein & Bashein excels at establishing liability and maximizing compensation.

Since 1949, we have represented hundreds of victims of highway and freeway crashes in Cleveland, Akron or surrounding counties of Ohio. Contact us today for a free consultation with proven Cleveland personal injury lawyers.

The Most Dangerous Roads In Ohio

Some stretches of road produce more accidents than others, such as the “dead man’s curve” junction of Interstates 77, 71 and 90 in downtown Cleveland. From decades of handling car accidents and truck accidents throughout northeastern Ohio, we are familiar with the common accident corridors:

  • I-90, I-480 and the I-80 turnpike
  • I-77, I-71 and I-271 into Cleveland
  • I-76, I-77 and I-277 in Akron
  • U.S. 422 and U.S. 6
  • State Route 8, State Route 2, State Route 5 and State Route 11

We know the fast stretches of freeway with six lanes each way where people drive — and crash — at “autobahn” speeds, as well notorious bottlenecks where traffic chokes to a crawl and results almost daily in rear-end collisions.

Bashein & Bashein has access to accident reconstructionists and other experts who can help prove negligence in freeway accidents, including: merging accidents, unsafe lane changes, excessive speed in construction zones, distracted driving or following too close. We handle many accidents on rural two-lane highways on which drivers caused head-on collisions from unsafe passing or drifting over the centerline.

We can also explore possible claims against the state of Ohio, the county or engineering and construction firms for negligent highway design, potholes and road hazards, construction zone hazards or collisions involving snow plows, salt/sand trucks and construction vehicles.

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Highway accidents can be complex crash scenes, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. You need a law firm with the resources and proven record of results to make the most of your case. Call 216-771-3239 or toll-free 800-771-4457 or e-mail us today to schedule a free consultation.