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Rightful Compensation For Injuries And Wrongful Death

Personal injury and wrongful death claims have many features in common. Both kinds of claims require that negligence be the cause of the wrong — another word for it is tort — in the injury or death.

The law holds that there is a duty implicit in the unspoken contracts between us all. We owe it to one another not to cause harm to one another. If we fail to uphold that duty, and another person is harmed or killed, they have the legal right to demand compensation for the harm we caused.

This section looks at the many types of injuries, including death, than are compensable under the law.

Though the concepts of duty and harm are simple enough, the law as it applies to claims and compensation is very complex, drawing both on statutes and the enormous body of case law pertaining to your particular case.

You will need an experienced lawyer to press a claim in all but the simplest of cases. Our firm has been representing individuals in Cleveland with high-quality legal services since 1949. Attorney Craig Bashein has quite likely recovered more in compensation for injury victims and survivors than any other practitioner in northeastern Ohio. We have argued cases in the Ohio Supreme Court. We will not be intimidated by any opponent.

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