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Compensation For Rollover Accident Injuries

Any car, in the right situation, can flip over and cause serious injuries to occupants. With most cars, this can only happen if the car strikes another vehicle or object, or drives off the road.

With some vehicles, such as sports utility vehicles, rollovers occur in routine situations, involving a sharp turn at a certain speed. There is often a design flaw involved in these rollovers: The wheelbase is narrower than most cars, making them top-heavy and susceptible to flipping at certain speeds and curves in the road.

It is distressing for rollover victims to learn that the SUVs they bought for family safety turn out to be less safe than ordinary sedan-style cars.

Injuries suffered in rollovers can be brutal and may include multiple broken bones, fractured skulls, amputations and brain and spinal cord injuries. Victims must sometimes need multiple surgeries and months or even years of careful rehab. Many victims do not survive these accidents or if they survive, are never themselves again.

In such extreme injury situations, you cannot settle for half a loaf of compensation. Our Cleveland car accident lawyers are skilled in exacting every dollar you or surviving family members will need going forward.

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