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Securing Full Compensation For Injured Pedestrians In Ohio

The old adage “look both ways before crossing the street” works most of the time, but it cannot make up for the fact that there are simply too many bad drivers on our roadways. If you or a loved one has been injured while crossing the street, walking on a sidewalk or any other way, the experienced injury lawyers at Bashein & Bashein can help you in your fight to achieve full compensation for your injuries.

Our Cleveland personal injury attorneys have extensive experience with pedestrian accident cases. Since 1949, our firm has dedicated its skills and resources to achieving justice for injury victims in the Cleveland area. We have argued cases before the Ohio Supreme Court and will not be intimidated by any opponent or courtroom.

This didn’t have to happen. There is absolutely no excuse for a driver having a collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist. Contact our pedestrian accident attorneys today to schedule your free consultation.

Getting Full Compensation For Severe Injuries

Pedestrians don’t have bumpers, they don’t have doors and they don’t have air bags. When pedestrians are involved in accidents, it can often leads to serious injuries or death. These injuries can lead to expensive medical care and rehabilitation as injury victims try to rebuild their lives after a devastating accident.

Our lawyers are committed to helping the victims of pedestrian accidents get maximum compensation for injuries such as:

We Have The Resources To Win Your Case

Our firm works closely with top experts, including accident re-constructionists, medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists to determine who is responsible for your pedestrian accident and what level of compensation you will need going forward.

To discuss your injury case with a dedicated lawyer in a free consultation, contact us today.