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Whether your driver caused an accident or another driver hit the vehicle you were riding in, it certainly wasn’t your fault. Passengers are almost always covered by one insurance or another, but it creates an uncomfortable situation when the person responsible for your injuries is a relative or friend.

Bashein & Bashein has extensive experience with these cases. Our Cleveland car accident attorneys have handled thousands of motor vehicle accidents, including innocent passengers injured or killed through negligence.

If you were a passenger in a collision with a car or truck, or injured on the back of a motorcycle, contact our Cleveland office for a free consultation. We practice throughout northeast Ohio.

Injured As A Passenger? We Know Your Rights.

Experienced legal representation is important if you or your loved one was a passenger:

  1. If another motorist caused the accident, you are entitled as a passenger to recover compensation under that driver’s insurance. However, if that driver was not insured or underinsured, it may be necessary to invoke compensation through backup provisions of your own auto insurance for just such a scenario.
  2. If your driver was liable for the crash, you can’t afford not to bring a claim, even if it is your good friend, neighbor or carpool buddy. Why should you bear the brunt of the medical bills and wage loss when insurance is available for that very purpose? It is not a claim against that driver’s personal assets. It is a matter-of-fact insurance claim.
  3. If the at-fault driver is a family member (your spouse, parent, sibling or child), an intrafamily exclusion applies, and the claim is brought instead under your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. We can handle this complication to make sure the insurer plays by the rules and pays all applicable damages.

Cleveland And Akron Passenger Accident Lawyers

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