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Recovery Even After Tragedy

Settlement Reached For Three Killed In School Shooting

The families of three teenagers killed in a 2012 school shooting rampage have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against relatives of the killer, with each of the estates receiving about $890,000.

“You can’t put a dollar amount on the loss of a child,” said Judge Timothy Grendell. “But the settlement is fair and reasonable under the circumstances of the case.” — Associated Press

Injury law has its limits. We can’t roll back cases to before the accidents occurred, before the injuries damaged people’s lives and futures.

But by going after financial compensation for victims, we accomplish three things:

1. Yes, we obtain the compensation you need to go on. Even competing firms will admit that no law firm has recovered for clients what Bashein & Bashein has — $450 million — by a small team of attorneys. This money will pay the medical bills and support you need until you are able to work again.

2. We obtain compensation for your emotional and psychological losses. If you have been disfigured, we get money for that. If you have lost a breadwinner, or a caregiver, or a loved child, we put a dollar value on the loss of these loved ones.

3. They money will be part of your healing. If you have lost someone dear, or if you never work your old job again, this money is proof that you fought back and are still in the game. Clients tell us all the time they are proud that, despite their grief, they were able to fight for a measure of justice and tell the world what they lost.

To learn more about compensation, talk to one of our lawyers at Bashein & Bashein Company, L.P.A., in Cleveland, Ohio, at 216-771-3239.

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