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Good driving habits that lower your risk of a collision

Every day, car accidents happen all around Ohio with some being more severe than others. One recent collision in Austintown resulted in a driver having to go to the hospital with serious injuries while the other vehicle sped off in a hit-and-run.  It is impossible to avoid every single car crash that happens in the state….

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The governor declares a state of emergency on Ohio roads

In March 2019, Governor Mike DeWine took steps to improve the condition of roads throughout Ohio. In declaring a state of emergency, the governor opened the door to federal funding to help fix roads deemed unsafe for motorists to travel. Addressing the problem Ohio experienced harsh winter weather conditions, which the governor believes contributed to the…

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Why do fires plague active Ohio construction sites?

To many, it seems unusual that a fire could begin in an active and busy construction site. With so many workers present, it is reasonable to believe fires are preventable. However, fires continue to plague many active work sites in the Cleveland area and often result in injurious construction accidents. Understanding how and why…

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Does Ohio have a law that bans texting while driving?

Like most states, Ohio does have laws in place that prohibit texting while operating a vehicle. While these statutes should help reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the state, they only work when motorists obey them. Unfortunately, many people choose to disregard the law, leading to severe accidents. You should…

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