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Good driving habits that lower your risk of a collision

Every day, car accidents happen all around Ohio with some being more severe than others. One recent collision in Austintown resulted in a driver having to go to the hospital with serious injuries while the other vehicle sped off in a hit-and-run. 

It is impossible to avoid every single car crash that happens in the state. However, if drivers are just a little bit more vigilant, then the number can go down substantially. It is vital for all drivers in Ohio to practice safe driving habits to lower their risk of ending up in a car crash. Anyone who does not presently follow these actions should start soon. 

Avoid “brake checks”

Many drivers feel the need to brake check other cars following close behind. Seeing tailgaters is annoying, but it is no reason to put yourself in danger. You may think you have taught another driver a lesson, but you may have merely irritated someone behind you. It is possible for the other car to rear-end yours or for the other driver to act more aggressively toward you. You always want to maintain a safe distance when possible when driving among every other vehicle. 

Always use your signals

You may not feel the need to use your turn signal lights all the time, but you really should. These signals inform other drivers of where you plan on going next. You and another driver may plan on merging into the next lane, and you need to inform that other driver of your intention. It is also paramount to turn on your signal well in advance. 

Anticipate the future

As you drive throughout Ohio, you need to plan for what other drivers could do. That involves paying attention to traffic ahead of you. As soon as you see everyone else applying brakes, you need to do the same. Even if you are able to stop just in time, the driver behind you may not be able to.