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Does Ohio have a law that bans texting while driving?

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like most states, Ohio does have laws in place that prohibit texting while operating a vehicle. While these statutes should help reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the state, they only work when motorists obey them. Unfortunately, many people choose to disregard the law, leading to severe accidents.

You should also know that these laws are not simple, cookie-cutter rules to follow. Statutes like these are comprehensive and work to ban different types of activities that can take a driver’s attention away from the road. In Ohio, motorists may not legally engage in the following activities while driving.

  • Writing, sending or reading text messages on a handheld device (cell phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Using a laptop computer while operating a vehicle
  • Operating a handheld personal digital assistant
  • Using mobile technology that requires the use of one or more hands

In the eyes of law enforcement, the activities above are simple misdemeanors. However, when these behaviors result in motor vehicle accidents, injured victims feel that the penalties associated with driving while texting does not sufficiently hold the responsible parties accountable. With guidance from an experienced lawyer, you can make certain the person responsible for your injuries faces justice.

Part of a successful strategy involves using the state’s handheld device laws to strengthen and support your claim. These statutes, combined with evidence gathered from the scene of the motor vehicle accident, increase your chances of acquiring a damages award. In turn, the compensation you receive ensures you can continue caring for your family until you can return to your normal way of life.


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