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The governor declares a state of emergency on Ohio roads

In March 2019, Governor Mike DeWine took steps to improve the condition of roads throughout Ohio.

In declaring a state of emergency, the governor opened the door to federal funding to help fix roads deemed unsafe for motorists to travel.

Addressing the problem

Ohio experienced harsh winter weather conditions, which the governor believes contributed to the deterioration of many roads across the state. Some roads were so badly impacted by bad weather that they remained closed to traffic. He, therefore, declared a state of emergency in 35 counties, citing the need for comprehensive repairs. The governor authorized the Ohio Department of Transportation to take the necessary action.

More than just potholes

Poor road conditions are not the only issues that make driving unsafe in Ohio. Construction areas, traffic congestion and the many large commercial trucks motorists encounter daily combine to heighten the danger of driving. Add to all that the element of driver error and a devastating crash could result.

Most dangerous areas

The counties on which the governor focused are mostly rural, and many are in the southern portion of the state. However, both residents and visitors to our area must be particularly cautious when driving in certain locations, such as State Routes 8, 2, 5 and 11; U.S. 6 and 422; the I-80 turnpike; I-90 and I-271. There is also the potential for traffic accidents at “dead man’s curve,” the junction of Interstates 771, 77 and 90 in the City of Cleveland.

 and more

The last thing anyone wants is to become the victim of a vehicle crash, but if this should happen to you and you sustain injuries, explore your legal options. At this critical time, you should only focus on your recovery. An experienced advocate can go to work on your behalf to determine fault in the accident with the help of other professionals, such as accident reconstructionists. Whether another motorist is to blame due to negligence or the state of Ohio is at fault for unsafe road conditions, your well-being is at stake and should constitute the primary consideration in terms of full and fair compensation.