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Why Don’t Deer Follow the Rules?

Apparently, this is a question that actually gets asked a lot: “Why don’t we move the deer crossing signs to where it’s safer for them to cross?” (According to a recent report from the Des Moines Register in Iowa). The deer crossing signs, of course, aren’t there for the deer to follow, because deer…

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Car accidents: Victim of distracted driver now in wheelchair

Distracted driving is known to cause crashes with devastating consequences. It has become common for drivers to use mobile devices for much more than calling or texting while driving — often resulting in serious car accidents. Some drivers even use it for live streaming and social media activities. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is…

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Only safety awareness can limit construction workers’ accidents

There is no getting away from the fact that construction sites are dangerous places. Only compliance with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could limit the number of lives lost in Ohio construction workers’ accidents. While employee safety is the responsibility of employers, it is often up to workers…

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Will workers’ compensation cover medical marijuana prescriptions?

In recent years, medical marijuana is enjoying unprecedented popularity and acceptance in our country. Twenty nine states have legalized medical marijuana in one form or another. Even Ohio has recently accepted medical marijuana as an option for certain patients. The problem with this new-found legal acceptance of medical marijuana involves the workers’ compensation system….

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Electrical fires can cause construction workers’ accidents

Ohio construction sites typically pose multiple safety hazards, one of which is the risk of potential electrical fires. Areas of primary concern include those in which workers use power tools with high wattage and when portable generators provide the electricity on a job site. Construction workers’ accidents involving electrical fires are also prevalent during…

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Car accidents: CSU student killed, 4 injured in rear-end crash

Students on the Central State University campus in Ohio were offered trauma counseling after the recent death of a fellow student. Far too many students lose their lives in car accidents, often involving drugs, alcohol and speed. However, a police report indicates that drugs and alcohol did not seem to play a role in…

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