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Car accidents: Victim of distracted driver now in wheelchair

Distracted driving is known to cause crashes with devastating consequences. It has become common for drivers to use mobile devices for much more than calling or texting while driving — often resulting in serious car accidents. Some drivers even use it for live streaming and social media activities. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating one such a crash that happened in October.

Reportedly, a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle that was driven by a 21-year-old driver. The victim suffered multiple fractures and is now wheelchair-bound and relearning to walk. An accident report indicates that the vehicle was speeding at the time of impact. Although the posted speed limit was 65 mph, officers say the car was traveling 75 mph.

The report further indicates that the driver admitted that he was busy communicating with his girlfriend on FaceTime. He said this was the reason why he failed to see the pedestrian walking along Interstate 75. The investigation is still ongoing, and the results of lab tests are pending. No charges have been filed against the driver, and it is unclear whether charges will be forthcoming.

Regardless of whether authorities file criminal charges against distracted drivers that caused severe injuries in car accidents, the victims may pursue financial relief through the Ohio civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist with the navigation of a lawsuit against an alleged negligent driver. The lawyer can help with establishing negligence, which will be required by the court. Once liability is determined, the court can adjudicate documented claims for medical expenses and other financial losses along with emotional damages such as pain and suffering.

Source:, “Crash report: Man hit along I-75 while driver used Facetime“, Michael Baldwin, Dec. 22, 2017