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Only safety awareness can limit construction workers’ accidents

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

There is no getting away from the fact that construction sites are dangerous places. Only compliance with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could limit the number of lives lost in Ohio construction workers’ accidents. While employee safety is the responsibility of employers, it is often up to workers to look out for their own safety.

Reportedly, the rate of fatal workplace accidents in the construction industry exceeds the average rate of all other industries nationwide. By understanding the potential threats and the most frequently suffered injuries, employees can develop their own safety protocols. Thorough preparation and risk assessment before new construction projects and compliance with safety regulations may prevent fatal injuries.

Some construction workers who need extra money may ask to be allocated additional hours. They may never be able to spend that money because fatigue and exhaustion in this environment can quickly lead to mistakes that may be deadly. Alertness at all times is vital on any construction site. Equipment maintenance is another important aspect of safety on a construction site. Malfunctions of power tools and other equipment have led to many catastrophic injuries and deaths.

When Ohio families lose loved ones in construction workers’ accidents, they typically experience much more than emotional trauma. Having to cope with end-of-life arrangements and other financial obligations can be overwhelming at such a challenging time. Fortunately, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can work on securing financial relief through the workers’ compensation insurance program’s death benefits that are available for surviving family members of deceased employees.

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