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Electrical fires can cause construction workers’ accidents

Ohio construction sites typically pose multiple safety hazards, one of which is the risk of potential electrical fires. Areas of primary concern include those in which workers use power tools with high wattage and when portable generators provide the electricity on a job site. Construction workers’ accidents involving electrical fires are also prevalent during the testing phase of new electrical installations.

Precautions can avoid injuries caused by electrical accidents such as fires. Ongoing safety training is essential and so is the availability of personal protective equipment for all employees. Lockout/tag-out devices must be present on all energized circuits, and enforcement of the use of safety equipment is vital. Elevated platforms and walkways must have guardrails to prevent contact with electrical hazards.

Flying hot particles will always be present where welding, brazing and cutting procedures are taking place, and they can cause sparks that can start fires. Precautions include placing shields around these work areas and removing all combustible and flammable liquids and materials from the vicinity of spark-producing activities. Particular care is also necessary when temporary electricity is used during construction. Overloading temporary services can lead to devastating electrical fires.

Ensuring that enough fire extinguishers are on site and easily accessible will help, as long as everybody knows how to operate them, and the extinguishers are frequently serviced to prevent malfunctions during emergencies. Ohio victims of construction workers’ accidents may be entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits to assist with the costs of medical treatment. Furthermore, a portion of lost wages may form part of the benefits for workers who suffered temporary disability. When disabilities are permanent, the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may secure additional long-term benefits.

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