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3 things you need to do immediately following a car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Thousands of car accidents happen in Ohio each year. Whether it is a serious wreck or a minor fender bender, a car accident can leave you confused, angry and hurt. However, it is important that you keep a level head (if you can) so you can stay safe and thoughtfully document the details of the incident.

Thanks to the emotions and trauma associated with car accidents, most victims make mistakes that affect their right to get the compensation they deserve for their damages. Remember, the steps you take following a car accident can greatly impact your safety, compensation for damages and even establishment of fault.

Here are three important things you need to do immediately after a car accident.

Document the accident scene

It is important that you preserve as much evidence as you can, and as soon as you can. Remember, the quality of evidence you obtain will play a vital role in your car accident claim. If you can, use your cellphone to take photos of the scene. Focus on the extent of damages, positions of the vehicles involved and any other relevant piece of evidence on the scene. If there are skid marks on the road, be sure to capture them. If there are witnesses to the accident, ensure that you take their statements and contact details. The more evidence you are able to obtain, the stronger your car accident claim will be.

Call the police

It is important that you call the police to the accident scene immediately. In fact, Ohio laws require that you report an auto accident that results in an injury that needs medical attention, fatalities or property damage amounting to $1,000 or more. 

Seek treatment

It is important that you seek treatment immediately following a car accident. This is critical for two reasons:

  •       So you can have your injuries treated in time to prevent potential complications down the road
  •       So you can obtain a medical report that can be used as evidence in your personal injury claim

No one expects to get into a car accident, but they do happen. When you are involved in a collision, it is important that you know the steps to take and the protocols to follow. 


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