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4 key steps to take if you’re involved in a truck accident 

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

It can be a scary experience to be on the road with all the commercial vehicles out there these days — and accidents with semis and delivery trucks don’t always happen on the highway. 

Whatever the circumstances, if you’re involved in a wreck with a truck of some kind, make sure you take the following steps to protect your interests:

Report the crash to police and appropriate emergency services

In the aftermath of an accident, it’s vital to call the authorities right away. Where possible, vehicles should be moved out of harm’s way, so they are not a further hazard to drivers. Be sure to turn your flashers on to signify that your car is damaged. 

Identify the truck driver and company

If the truck driver was working, then the vehicle will likely have the company logo on display. It is important to note this information, as the organization will likely be responsible for the vehicle insurance. Furthermore, get as much data on the driver as possible. For example, take note of their name, address, phone number and driver’s license number.  

Seek medical attention even if you think you don’t need it

Call 911. Victims are often adrenalized in the aftermath of an accident. A result of this is that injuries do not always present themselves immediately. Prompt medical attention not only protects your life but also helps tie any injuries directly to the wreck.

Talk to witnesses who saw the accident

The more corroborating accounts you can obtain, the better. Take a note of contact details for any witnesses so that you can easily locate them later in case their testimony is needed.

Even if your injuries are relatively mild, a wreck with a truck is serious. If the driver was negligent, you have every right to ask for compensation for your losses.


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