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3 things drivers should do before setting off to reduce injuries

When the weather gets colder, you may see vehicle owners warming up their cars before setting off. Allowing the vehicle to idle on the drive ensures the engine is at an optimal point for when they begin to drive.

Yet, many drivers do not prepare either the vehicle or themself. Going from cold to full throttle can be just as dangerous for a driver as an engine.

Preparing for a journey allows you to concentrate on the road

Driving demands your full attention. Adequate preparation makes it more likely you can give it. Here are some ways to prepare for a journey:

  1. Research your route: Your journey will be less stressful if you know where you are going and how long it will take. Jumping in the car, switching on the satnav and realizing the journey will take you 40 minutes when you only have 30 could lead you to speed. Scrolling through your messages to find the exact address when arriving will distract you from driving safely — do it before setting off.


  1. Check your car: Vehicle manuals advise drivers to carry out a series of checks before driving. They include things such as checking tire pressure, the oil and the lights. Few people do this. However, all three things are essential to safety.


  1. Adjust your car: One study found that 25% of crashes occur within three minutes of setting off. Adjusting your seat or steering wheel, emptying your pockets and tuning in the radio while moving all take your attention away from the traffic. Do them before you pull out.


If another driver injures you in a vehicle crash, it is crucial to investigate why to claim full compensation. Drivers have a duty to ensure they and their cars are ready before setting out onto the road.