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Ohio community comes together to support car accident victims

by | May 19, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When a driver makes a mistake, he or she can occasionally keep it under wraps. If it was just a scratch on a paint job or a dent in a fender, the consequences are small if there are any at all. But serious collisions with other vehicles can affect far more than a driver’s own experience.

A community is helping a pair of teenagers fight to recover after their car was struck by another vehicle. A sophomore from a Trenton area high school was driving with a junior from the same school when their car collided with another, sending both girls to the hospital with serious injuries.

Fairfield police are still investigating the crash, and OVI (operating a vehicle while impaired) charges were recently filed against the other driver in the accident. Ohio recognizes OVI, also known as DUI, as a serious offense that may open the driver up to further criminal charges depending on the victims’ conditions.

Each of the girls involved played multiple sports at their school, which came together to hold vigils for them as they are evaluated and recover at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Several people also began fundraisers for their health care.

Criminal charges do not matter as much as liability does if victims or their relatives feel financial damages are justified after a car accident in Ohio. An attorney can examine the details of an accident and help determine if a claim against a driver would hold up in civil court. If it does, a settlement or a court verdict are possibilities on the road to recovery.


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