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2 Dayton women killed in recent collision

With the possible exception in some major cities, Ohioans tend move around by car. Owning or leasing a motor vehicle is often a source of pride for people, and the memory of passing a driver’s test can be one of the most significant in a lifetime. But no one wants a life to end because of a car wreck.

Fatal car crashes are rare, but they are still an everyday reality across the Buckeye State and most other parts of the country. The results of collisions often depend on people’s reactions to other drivers, although alcohol or exhaustion can also be factors.

Two women from Dayton were killed in a recent accident outside the city when their car was struck by a van. The victims’ car was in the intersection of two roads when the van struck the passenger side. A child in the rear seat was injured and brought to a local hospital for care. Law enforcement officers said the crash is still under investigation.

“Fatal crashes, regardless of when they happen, are devastating to the family and the community,” said a trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “I’m sure that it’s tough, even more so for everyone involved.”

The survivors of people killed in car accidents may seek reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for other damages with a claim in civil court. This may seem like a difficult option, especially in the wake of a tragedy, but legal representation means that the details of this effort can be handled by a professional with committed resources.