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Pair of accidents injure 3 people in Ohio

People manage risk all the time by investing in their future and staying away from unnecessary hazards. One of the most dangerous things that most of us do every day is get on the roads, where anything can happen. If there is a collision that results in damage or injury, a lawsuit for financial damages may be your best option to get past it.

Three people were seriously hurt after a collision on a southbound stretch of Interstate 71 in Cuyahoga County. It appears that two vehicles were involved in an earlier accident that caused unclear damages because a second collision pushed one of their two cars into them.

The accident that was more serious involved a car that struck a disabled car on the side of the highway. Both events happened in the early morning hours when dim light can make visibility a problem for drivers and others nearby the roads.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the pair of accidents after local fire departments and emergency services responded to the three victims. The severity of the injuries and any possible culpability for the accidents remained unclear after the initial incident.

Victims of car accidents and the survivors of people killed in them may have a case in civil court regardless of any criminal charges that result from them. An attorney may be the best ally for victims and their families because one can figure out if civil charges are the right move based on the specifics of an accident. No one should have to sort these issues out alone.