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Ohio woman killed in 3-vehicle crash

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone who has taken a long drive across the Buckeye State can attest that the straightaways can lead to some serious highway hypnosis. But drivers should always keep an eye out for unexpected obstacles, like stopped cars and motorcycles because collisions can lead to some serious consequences.

An Ohio woman is dead after a multiple-vehicle wreck in Middletown. She was driving her car across an intersection when she was apparently struck by a box truck traveling on the other road. The collision then forced her vehicle into the path of a tractor-trailer.

Butler County authorities arrived on the scene to find the driver trapped in her car. Emergency service personnel extracted the victim from the car and transported her to a hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries shortly afterward.

Middletown’s Division of Police began an investigation into the cause of the crash. No criminal charges are yet pending against any of the drivers involved. Even when there was no criminal act associated with a fatal accident, a civil lawsuit is a possibility for the victims.

Criminal charges are designed to punish the offenders, but civil suits are there for victims to get the compensation or damages they need after a serious car accident. The results can help people facing medical expenses after an injury or the families of victims of fatal accidents.

An attorney can help identify the causes for a civil action after a car accident and represent concerned parties during settlements or trials. No one should have to face the consequences of a crash without help.


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