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Workers’ compensation claim led to criminal charges

When people are hurt on the job in Ohio, they have a lot of options to help them recover from it. Minor injuries may require a trip to the doctor, and many employers offer a health insurance option that may pay or defray the cost for medical care. But serious injuries that are related…

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Workers and other motorists should recognize construction signs

Before a Cleveland construction team can begin the important tasks of repairing damaged roads or building new ones, employees must prep the worksite. This means bringing in equipment and tools and work vehicles. It also means setting up signs and other markers to let motorists know that work is underway. Proper sign placement alerts…

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What kinds of distractions can result in motor vehicle accidents?

When you think about distracted driving, chances are you envision someone texting behind the wheel. It is certainly true that cell phone use is a prime cause of motor vehicle accidents, but other types of distractions also play a huge role in the number of crashes across the country. Even little things that everyone…

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