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Workers and other motorists should recognize construction signs

Before a Cleveland construction team can begin the important tasks of repairing damaged roads or building new ones, employees must prep the worksite. This means bringing in equipment and tools and work vehicles. It also means setting up signs and other markers to let motorists know that work is underway.

Proper sign placement alerts both workers and civilian motorists to the presence of ongoing construction. When these markers are well-placed and visible, they can reduce the amount and even the severity of construction accidents involving private vehicles.

One of the most common defenses to road construction accidents involves the defendant’s claim that no signs were present or that they did not see the signs. As an Ohio construction worker, you probably agree with us when we say this defense is likely false. After all, road-based work sites are typically very easy to spot because they contain equipment as well as signs.

To improve road safety for all, everyone should work to understand what road signs mean, especially those signaling construction work. Signs pointing out road construction are always orange in color. These signs may come in different shapes, depending upon the type of work underway, but they are always orange.

We urge drivers in the state to slow down and approach with caution anytime they see an orange road sign. This simple step can help you avoid injuring one of our state’s hard workers in an unintentional construction accident. It can also help private citizens avoid legal trouble.

To the workers who help build and repair our network of roads in Ohio, you should make certain you understand all of the safety signs associated with your work. The right knowledge ensures that you will recognize it if a driver endangers you and your coworkers.

Knowing the law and your rights can also connect with financial compensation for your injuries on top of what you receive from workers’ compensation. Continue browsing our blog and our website if you need to learn more about your rights in a construction accident case.