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What kinds of distractions can result in motor vehicle accidents?

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When you think about distracted driving, chances are you envision someone texting behind the wheel. It is certainly true that cell phone use is a prime cause of motor vehicle accidents, but other types of distractions also play a huge role in the number of crashes across the country.

Even little things that everyone assumes are safe can lead to distraction. For example, a simple conversation with a passenger can take your mind and your eyes away from the road long enough to cause a crash. Other dangerous driver distractions include the following.

  • Taking or making phone calls
  • Trying to eat while driving
  • Driving with a pet on your lap or in your arms
  • Smoking behind the wheel
  • Adjusting the radio or climate controls
  • Singing or trying to dance while driving
  • Looking at Global Positioning System GPS devices

If you are reading this blog post, odds are that you care about road safety and wish to help reduce the volume of motor vehicle accidents occurring in Ohio. Unfortunately, not all motorists share your desire for safety. This means that all of the nation’s laws and combined knowledge about accident prevention may not keep you safe from crash injuries.

Many injured accident victims choose to take matters into their own hands in the wake of a crash. A legal remedy empowers victims to play an active role in the pursuit of justice by holding all responsible parties to account for their negligence. In addition to helping deter reckless and negligent driving behaviors, legal action can also provide victims with financial compensation to aid in their physical recovery.


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