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3 conversations you need to have with your teen driver

If you have a teenager, then chances are good that you have already had plenty of conversations about teen driving. However, it is vital to stress just how careful your teens need to be behind the wheel because they have an increased risk of ending up in a motor vehicle accident.  In 2015, roughly 195,000 teenagers sustained…

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Workers’ compensation benefits for victims of black lung disease

Black lung disease, or pneumoconiosis, sounds like an illness that plagued victims in a long lost era. While it is true that this pulmonary condition is ancient, it is still harming far too many Ohio coal miners. The nation continues to rely on fossil fuels like coal for many reasons. Examples of its continued…

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How are vehicle makers helping to prevent drunk driving crashes?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving remains the top cause of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. The Administration’s latest data indicates that approximately 11,000 citizens die each year because of dangerous and impaired driving. Since it is highly unlikely that the nation’s population will stop using automobiles, vehicle…

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Essential gear to help you avoid construction accidents

The field of construction provides many Ohio residents with job opportunities. It also helps Cleveland and other cities continue to grow. Unfortunately, the industry also poses a significant risk of serious construction accidents such as falling from heights or suffering electrocution. Workers’ compensation exists to provide injured workers with financial and medical benefits, but…

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