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Essential gear to help you avoid construction accidents

The field of construction provides many Ohio residents with job opportunities. It also helps Cleveland and other cities continue to grow. Unfortunately, the industry also poses a significant risk of serious construction accidents such as falling from heights or suffering electrocution.

Workers’ compensation exists to provide injured workers with financial and medical benefits, but prevention remains the best way to avoid an injury. Proper training is an effective way to reduce construction accidents, as is having access to safety gear.

Such gear can range from general equipment to specialized apparatus, but having access to even just the basics can prevent many construction accidents. These include the following:

Work boots: Proper footgear is essential to helping workers stay on their feet in hazardous situations. For example, good boots may prevent falls, and steel-toed boots can protect your toes from dropped items.

Headgear: Hard hats and other forms of head protection help workers avoid injury from falling objects. They also protect you if you bang your head while working in tight spaces.

Face protection: Welding, sanding, cutting and working around chemicals can be hazardous. Wearing face and/or eye protection can save you from a serious injury.

Work gloves: Your hands are probably your most-used “tool” when working in construction accidents. It makes good sense to protect them from a debilitating injury by wearing work gloves that fill well and are not too loose.

Fall protection gear: Falling is one of the most common and most dangerous types of construction accidents. Examples of effective fall arrest gear include anchored lifelines, temporary guardrails and safety nets.

If you do suffer a construction accident, report the incident and file your workers’ compensation claim quickly. An attorney can provide you with knowledge and guidance if you experience difficulties with your claim.