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Workers’ compensation benefits for victims of black lung disease

Black lung disease, or pneumoconiosis, sounds like an illness that plagued victims in a long lost era. While it is true that this pulmonary condition is ancient, it is still harming far too many Ohio coal miners.

The nation continues to rely on fossil fuels like coal for many reasons. Examples of its continued industrial use include:

  • Steel production
  • Carbon fiber production
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Electricity generation
  • Paper manufacturing

Unfortunately, mining for coal remains dangerous to those routinely exposed to coal dust. Inhaling this dust is what causes black lung disease, which is a life-threatening disorder. You know that workers’ compensation will provide you with benefits to replace lost income and pay for medical care when an occupational illness occurs. However, the Black Lung Benefits Act (BLBA) is also a significant source of support for ill workers. Below you will find a brief list of several benefits the BLBA provides to sick coal miners.

  • Patient hospital expenses
  • Chest x-rays and laboratory testing
  • Visits to your physician
  • Ambulance services for emergency acute black lung care
  • BLBA-approved prescription medications
  • Some travel expenses related to treatment

Knowing that expanded workers’ compensation benefits are available through the BLBA is a relief to most miners. However, the process of applying for these benefits is often complex. Victims must prove that the illness occurred because of their work in the mining industry.

When you are sick with pneumoconiosis, the requirements associated with filing for black lung benefits can be particularly taxing. It is wise to seek assistance from an attorney. This can help ensure that you get all of the benefits that you and your family need.