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Tips to keep construction sites safe in the winter

When winter comes, people are excited about beautiful snow-covered landscapes, the holiday season beginning and the opportunity to enjoy all their favorite winter treats. Once the holidays past, the excitement fades and the cold sets in. Winter brings frigid temperatures and massive snowstorms in Ohio, especially during January and February. Construction workers have to…

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A look at why crane-related construction accidents occur

The construction industry in Cleveland and other Ohio cities is thriving. While this is great for the economy and industry workers, prosperity in any industry often comes with an increase in employee accidents and injuries. The construction field is no exception and is actually one of the most dangerous industries for its workforce. There…

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The shocking number of backover crash fatalities

Tragic motor vehicle accidents and fatalities occur every day. Most of them happen to vulnerable members of society, such as young children. The drivers of the vehicles are not always irresponsible, reckless or guilty of substance-impaired driving. They are regular drivers who are victims of a phenomenon many people forget. Vehicles have large blind…

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When your workers’ compensation claim is denied, take action

Most Ohio residents would agree that suffering a workplace injury is quite traumatic. Now imagine learning that your workers’ compensation claim has been denied. Experiencing a denial of the benefits you rightfully deserve can make an already troubling situation much worse. Without workers’ comp benefits you will have to pay for your own medical…

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