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When your workers’ compensation claim is denied, take action

Most Ohio residents would agree that suffering a workplace injury is quite traumatic. Now imagine learning that your workers’ compensation claim has been denied. Experiencing a denial of the benefits you rightfully deserve can make an already troubling situation much worse. Without workers’ comp benefits you will have to pay for your own medical care. You will also not receive compensation for any work missed due to your injury.

As you might expect, news of a workers’ comp claim denial may increase your stress and cause many other negative emotions to surface. Most injured workers expend a lot of thought on wondering why their claim was denied. Injured workers need the benefits provided by workers’ compensation not just to recover from their injury, but also to keep providing for their families during any downtime involved.

You may not know this, but you have the right to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim. In fact, information about filing an appeal should be included in your letter of denial. If you decide to appeal your workers’ comp decision (and you should), it is a good idea to secure legal counsel. That’s the best way to make sure that your rights remain protected. You need to do everything you can to have the best chance of overturning the claim denial.

An attorney fills a valuable role in the appeals process. Your attorney can help you collect documentation, prepare you for any hearings you must attend, and help attack the basis of the denial itself. Having experienced legal representation may make a positive difference in the final outcome of your appeal. Our office is available and ready to help, so please contact us for more information.