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Tips to keep construction sites safe in the winter

When winter comes, people are excited about beautiful snow-covered landscapes, the holiday season beginning and the opportunity to enjoy all their favorite winter treats. Once the holidays past, the excitement fades and the cold sets in.

Winter brings frigid temperatures and massive snowstorms in Ohio, especially during January and February. Construction workers have to keep themselves safe while still baring the freezing weather.

Four tips to keep workers safe in cold temperatures

Icy surfaces and frozen fingers are common hazards on construction sites. Luckily, most injuries are preventable if workers follow a few simple steps during the workday:

  1. Complete every check and inspection — safety checks and inspections are especially crucial during the wintertime due to the frigid weather. Some equipment may behave differently in other temperatures, so workers should test any tool before using it in the site.
  2. Use the proper safety equipment — workers need to have the standard safety apparel (goggles and hard hats), but they also require additional layering to accommodate the season such as jackets, insulated boots and durable gloves.
  3. Keep exposure to the elements minimal — breaks and short work periods are necessary when the temperatures hit around or below freezing. Staff members should not be exposed to harsh elements for long periods. They will need to have frequent breaks indoors with hot drinks to help employees rest.
  4. Prevent wet areas — removing ice and snow is essential in construction sites, primarily to prevent slip and falls. Employers could also provide handrails and other safety measures to keep areas dry and less slippery.

While protective measures are taken, winter accidents still happen on sites every year. People should seek proper benefits to cover any medical costs or treatment after a severe construction injury.