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How parents can prepare teens for winter driving

With dropping temperatures and more torrential rains, it can be dangerous to drive on Ohio roads during the winter. These conditions create a recipe for disaster. In fact, one report showed Ohio has the highest number of deadly winter car crashes than any other state. 

Parents may be understandably nervous about teenaged kids driving in these conditions. Many young motorists learned to drive this year, and it is natural to worry about them ending up in a car accident. Therefore, it is paramount for parents to take the following actions to increase their kids’ safety.

Maintain the vehicle

Before snow starts coming down, parents should take all their vehicles into a maintenance shop. You want to make sure every component works as it should. Additionally, parents should sit down with their kids to talk about maintenance they can perform on their own. This can include maintaining wiper blades. It is also vital for teens to have a scraper and brush in case ice builds up on car windows. 

Place an emergency kit in the car

One of the simplest things parents can do is make emergency kits to have in the car at all times. This kit should include water bottles, kitty litter, a shovel, a flashlight and a blanket. It is also a good idea to keep a basic first aid kit in the vehicle. With these materials, teens will feel more inclined to pull over to the side of the road and rest if they do not feel comfortable driving further. 

Practice with teens driving

If your kids plan on staying in this climate for a while, it is vital for them to learn how to drive with snow and ice on the road. Parents should take their teens to parking lots first to practice driving over these substances. This is also an excellent time to show them safety features, such as anti-lock brakes.