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Cleveland driving among top 3 in nation

Every time you drive on a local main street or interstate freeway, you take a risk as you share the road with others. Not all drivers are safe, cautious, or even fully able to respond to the situation on the road. Impaired drivers can cause serious crashes and injuries.

Some cities have better driving experiences than others, however, and Cleveland ranks among the top cities in the nation for its drivers. Several factors led to this conclusion in a survey by a GPS navigation software.

Driver satisfaction in Cleveland

The Driver Satisfaction Survey by the Waze company asked drivers to rank driving in their respective cities based on a variety of criteria, including traffic, road quality and safety conditions. In this survey, Cleveland ranked third in driver satisfaction in the entire country. Two other Ohio cities, Dayton and Colombus, came in fifth and seventh, respectively.

Despite the fact that driver satisfaction is relatively high in Ohio’s major cities, car crashes are not inevitable. Ohio is a major thoroughfare for truck transport, and this can lead to catastrophic motor vehicle crashes on interstate freeways. No state is free from distracted drivers, whose level of impairment when checking a cell phone or while are otherwise distracted can sometimes match that of a drunk driver in terms of risk to others on the road.

Safety hazards on Cleveland roads

The aforementioned example of the hazards of trucks to drivers in Cleveland is especially apparent during the winter season when the city’s roads can be icy. In one particularly tragic case, a pedestrian crossing an icy street died after a truck transporting motorcycles lost control, and two of the motorcycles came loose from the truck and hit the pedestrian. That particular crash was even more egregious given the fact that the truck driver initially fled the scene. 

Anyone who suffers an injury in a motor vehicle crash in Cleveland due to the negligence of another driver should pursue his or her right to compensation under the law. Medical expenses and lost wages due to time off work can cause major financial hardship, and when injuries occur due to the fault of another, seeking justice through the courts is an appropriate solution.