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3 tips for driving safer on Ohio roads

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Ohio has made significant progress in recent years when it comes to traffic and road safety. Despite the gains in safety, however, motor vehicle crashes are still an all-too-frequent reality on Ohio freeways and rural roads. 

There are a few things you can do to improve your safety on Ohio roadways and reduce your chances of suffering a serious injury in an accident.

1. Decrease distractions

The Ohio Department of Transportation published statistics showing that “roadway departure” is the biggest cause of car crash fatalities in the state – a full 50 percent – followed by not wearing a seat belt. While most everyone knows that wearing a seat belt is a basic safety precaution every time you get in a car, not everyone considers the hazards of distracted driving. If you drive distracted because you are checking your cellphone, eating, adjusting the radio, or otherwise not paying attention to the road, you could easily drive off the roadway and cause an accident.

2. Take extra care on the most dangerous Ohio roads

Some roads in Ohio are particularly dangerous, and if you know which ones these are, you can take extra care while traveling on them. Pay particular attention on downtown Cleveland’s “dead man’s curve” junctions on Interstates 77, 71 and 90. Interstates 90, 480 and the I-80 turnpike are also ones to watch out for. When you know you will be traveling on a busy six-lane freeway, drive safely by keeping a safe speed and avoiding last-minute lane changes or frequent weaving in and out of traffic.

3. Drive defensively

Far too many drivers on the road are aggressive. If you drive defensively, you increase your safety. This means avoiding situations that could escalate. It also means keeping a safe distance from cars around you: at least a two-second distance in good weather and four seconds in inclement weather. Courtesy goes a long way on Ohio roads, and avoiding road rage improves your overall safety on the roads.


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