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May 2018 Archives

Car accidents: SUV rollover sends 3 injured victims to hospital

As expected, Ohio highways were extremely busy over the Memorial Day weekend. Multiple car accidents happened across the state, many of which caused severe injuries. Some were fatal. Three injured victims were rushed to hospitals after a single-vehicle crash on Interstate 76.

Common construction workers' accidents are preventable

Construction sites in Ohio are dangerous places. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the top four causes of construction workers' accidents are preventable. They are caused by falls, struck-by hazards, caught-in or between accidents and electrocutions.

How can wrong-way car accidents be avoided?

The National Transportation Safety Board says an average of 360 people nationwide lose their lives in collisions that are caused by wrong-way drivers every year. Head-on collisions are likely the most feared type of car accidents in Ohio because they are so likely to cause death or catastrophic injuries. Keeping certain precautions in mind might help someone who encounters a wrong-way driver.

Workers' compensation: Many safety violations at plastics maker

The manufacturing industry exposes workers to multiple safety hazards. This was underscored by the fines of more than $250,000 that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration proposed after completing two inspections at the facility of a plastics manufacturer in Ohio. Injuries related to electrical hazards and defective industrial machines make up a significant percentage of workers' compensation claims every year.

Construction workers' accidents: Precautions employees can take

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that compliance with the agency's strict safety regulations can prevent almost all types of work-related injuries. However, construction workers' accidents in Ohio continue to cause injuries, which are often severe or even fatal. For that reason, some safety authorities advise construction workers to take all the precautions they can to protect themselves rather than to place their lives in the hands of their employers.