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Safety innovations for motorcyclists keep getting better

Now that spring is upon us, drivers will see an increase in motorcycles on Ohio roads. Motorists need to watch for these smaller vehicles since accidents do happen and the riders are very vulnerable to injury.

The good news is that safety innovations keep coming. Here are six of the latest, designed to give motorcycle riders greater protection.

Airbag wearing apparel

Just as there are airbags in cars, motorcycle riders can now enjoy similar protection. Clothing manufacturers that specialize in motorcycle garb offer vests and jackets with hidden airbags. Intended to protect the chest and vital organs, the airbags immediately deploy when built-in sensors detect an impact.

Get-connected gloves

Now riders can have GPS and smartphone capabilities at their fingertips with new Bluetooth-connected gloves. To activate these functions, a rider need only touch certain areas of the glove. Very handy.

Safer motorcycle boots

Well-constructed boots are extremely important for motorcyclists. The latest innovation in footwear is available through flexible impact technology. State-of-the-art boots are designed to absorb impact in an accident and protect the feet.

Great LED lights

Riders may want to think about replacing the traditional lights found on older models with LED lighting. Drivers will see them better, and they will have a clearer view of the road ahead. There are bright LED turn signals, too, and even helmets that feature LED lighting, all designed to make rider and motorcycle more visible.

Better stability control

Many crashes occur when the rider is braking or accelerating around a curve. New stability control systems provide just the amount of power or braking capability needed.

One more wheel

Three-wheeled motorcycles have gained a solid fan base, especially among the over-60 crowd. Studies indicate that the average age of motorcycle riders continues to increase, and these stable, well-balanced trikes provide a new level of safety. Given the serious injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents, many riders are going for three wheels instead of two, while others are taking advantage of innovative safety features, both for themselves and their bikes.