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March 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation claim may follow fatality at glass factory

One of the primary hazards in the manufacturing and warehousing industries is the presence of forklifts. These mechanized lift trucks pose a danger to those who operate them and any other workers in the vicinity. A significant number of workers' compensation claims nationwide, including Ohio, follow forklift-related injuries, some of which prove to be fatal.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 Ohio workers saved from trench

Construction workers in Ohio will be all too aware of the hazards they face when they work in trenches. Unfortunately, some employers disregard those dangers and put their workers' lives on the line when they fail to comply with the strict safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rules in place to prevent trench collapses and other construction workers' accidents.

Who is responsible for autonomous car accidents?

It seems like everyone is excited about the advent of automated, computer controlled cars with "auto-pilot" features. The theory is that these cars will reduce accidents caused by human error. In particular, drunk driving accidents are theoretically going to disappear from our roads, because anyone who has had too much to drink can simply set the car on auto-pilot and avoid the risks associated with drunk driving.

Car accidents: Ohio cheerleader dies when car leaves roadway

Auto crashes are said to be the cause of a significant percentage of teenage deaths. Along with inexperience, the new-found freedom may lead to speeding, and in some cases, alcohol plays a role when car accidents claim young lives. A community in Ohio is still reeling after the tragic death of a 15-year-old cheerleader.

Motorcycle Helmets Found to Reduce Spinal Injuries

Although most motorcyclists would agree that helmets reduce the likelihood of skull fractures and brain injuries, few consider helmets effective at reducing back and spine injuries. In fact, some have theorized that helmets actually increase the likelihood of spine injuries because of the added torque they place on the rider's neck.

Understanding the Ohio workers' compensation system

Coping financially after suffering an injury in a work-related accident can be challenging. For this reason, employers in Ohio must carry workers' compensation insurance. This will assist employees with the financial consequences of workplace injuries while protecting the employer from having to face lawsuits for ordinary negligence filed by injured workers.