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Important factors in Ohio workers’ comp benefits

Employees get hurt on the job all the time. While some injuries are minor and do not impede the employee’s productivity, other injuries can be debilitating.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation claims can help employees to maintain their lives. There are a few important factors to keep in mind when looking to claim this benefit.


In Ohio, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation handles the filing process. For convenience and efficiency, claimants are able to begin and monitor the process online. They can even check on their payment status and amounts, as well as file new claims.

Disability type

There are a few different types of disability benefits, each of which has its own requirements and benefit levels. The most common benefit types include:

  • Temporary total disability
  • Permanent total disability
  • Permanent partial disability

The severity of the injury or disability has a strong impact upon which benefit employees qualify for. In some cases, they may receive one type first, then transition to another over time. Along with these benefits, there are additional programs and means of compensation that help to subsidize the traditional benefit programs.

Rate of compensation

The rate of compensation varies for different employees. The BWC calculates these amounts utilizing two formulas:

  1. Average weekly wage
  2. Full weekly wage

In cases of temporary total disability, the BWC normally uses the full weekly wage formula; this formula calculates the actual pay of the employee’s last week of work before the injury or averages the last six weeks of work. The BWC utilizes the average weekly wage formula for the other benefit types and calculates the average of pay for the last year. Though the formulas calculate the amounts differently, they both provide a rate of compensation that the BWC utilizes in determining the proper amount of the benefit.

Keeping these factors in mind can help employees in their efforts to receive the workers’ compensation benefits they need and deserve. It may also be beneficial to consult with a knowledgeable attorney.