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Do you know the signs of aggressive driving?

As a regular driver on the roads of Ohio, you are already aware there is always the risk of accidents and injuries. Those risks increase tremendously when aggression is a factor. Aggressive driving is becoming so common that you may have encountered an aggressive motorist during your commute and have responded with a few aggressive actions of your own. You may even feel the same way when you encounter the same issues. 

It is important for you to keep your cool and avoid aggression while driving. Close proximity to aggressive motorists can lead to catastrophic car accidents, injuries and possibly even death. Take some time to learn the signs of aggressive driving so you can refrain from such actions and avoid accidents. 

Causes and signs of road aggression 

Most drivers tend to show aggression when something upsets them while they are driving. They may be in a rush to get to their destination, stressed out about a personal or professional matter and upset about road or traffic conditions. Aggressive driving can escalate and turn into road rage. 

Common types of aggressive driving behaviors include: 

  •        Tailgating and following others too closely
  •        Passing on the wrong side and in the wrong lane
  •        Ignoring traffic signs
  •        Disregarding speed limits
  •        Distractions
  •        Intoxication
  •        Cutting people off 

Any act that keeps you from operating your vehicle safely may qualify as aggression. For example, texting and driving compromise your ability to focus on the roads. Your hands are not on your steering wheel the entire time you are behind the wheel, nor is your attention centered on driving. Your reactions are delayed and put you, your passengers and others in danger because you may not react in time or perform the correct maneuvers to avoid crashing. 

Because aggressive driving is so widespread, establishing who is at fault in car accidents may prove challenging. Many who are in car accidents where aggression is a factor find it easier get guidance from attorneys.