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Car accidents: 1 dies when car is crushed between 2 semi trucks

Sharing the Ohio highways with commercial trucks leaves motorists vulnerable. This is often underscored when lives are lost in crashes that involve big rigs. A recent wreck on U.S. 30 is an example of how the negligence of truck drivers can lead to fatal car accidents.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has launched an investigation into a fatal accident in Van Wert County. Reportedly, two commercial trucks and a sedan were involved in the incident. An accident report indicates that a 63-year-old driver of a sedan was traveling west behind a semi truck. Immediately behind the sedan followed another semi, operated by a 33-year-old driver. When the traffic slowed down, the drivers of both the first semi and the car also reduced speed.

However, the driver of the second semi truck apparently failed to allow a safe following distance, and he could not slow down in time to avoid smashing into the rear of the sedan. The impact pushed the car into the first semi. While both the truck drivers came away unscathed, the driver of the car did not survive the accident.

Whenever lives are lost in car accidents that are caused by the negligence of other parties, the surviving family members may pursue financial relief by filing wrongful death lawsuits against the drivers deemed responsible. An Ohio personal injury attorney can help assess a potential claim and identify all parties appearing to bear responsibility. In this case, that would likely mean adding the owner of any vehicle whose driver is believed to have been negligent in the fatal accident. Once negligence is formally established in court, documented claims for financial and emotional losses will be adjudicated.

Source:, “One killed in three vehicle crash on U.S. 30“, Kirsten Barnhart, Sept. 20, 2017