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Car accidents: Horse-drawn buggy struck by car, 3 teens injured

by | May 16, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Vehicle operators in Ohio need be extra vigilant when traveling because they may unexpectedly come upon a horse-drawn buggy. Because of the slow speeds at which these carts travel, car accidents involving them are quite common. One such a crash recently sent three teenagers to a hospital.

According to a report by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a car struck a buggy on a recent Wednesday afternoon. Officers say the Amish buggy was traveling south on Ohio 136 when another southbound vehicle came up from behind. The driver of the car was unprepared for the slow moving buggy and could not avoid smashing into the rear of it.

The collision caused three occupants of the buggy to be injured. Two girls — a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old — were airlifted to a hospital for treatment of serious injuries. An 18-year-old male whose injuries were not life-threatening was taken to a hospital by road in an ambulance. Reportedly, the injuries to the horse that pulled the buggy were not serious. Authorities say the investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol is still ongoing.

Victims of car accidents in Ohio who suffered injuries due to the negligence of others have the right to pursue recovery of damages. Establishing negligence might be a challenging process, and injured victims may find the help of an experienced personal injury attorney helpful. While a lawyer can advocate for the plaintiffs in the court, he or she can also assess the value of the damages to claim for medical and emotional losses. In cases of severe injuries, future medical expenses and loss of potential income may also be claimed.

Source:, “Three teens hurt in crash involving Amish buggy, car“, May 11, 2017


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